martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

Cuidadito con Maelstrom Games

Hace una semana mas o menos apareció este mensaje en la web de Maelstrom Games:

Here at Maelstrom Games we have decided to clear as much of our hard-earned stock as we possibly can over the next few days - and therefore generate some much-needed cashflow - in order to ensure we can fulfil the orders that you, our valued customers, have placed over the last few weeks. To that end, we have decided - in consultation with our trading partners - to sell our remaining stock of Battlefront Miniatures (at 25% off), Perry Miniatures, Victrix, Plastic Soldier Company, Artizan Designs, Gripping Beast and Great War Miniatures (all at 30% off). All other ranges' stock will now be sold at 40% off UK RRP - we hold good stocks of Gamezone Miniatures, Dark Age, Cool Mini or Not and Scibor Miniatures, and there's a fair bit of Privateer Press and Malifaux left too. As well as that, from this moment onwards we have decided to stop any customer from placing orders for items that are not in stock, simply so that we can clear the orders that have already been placed.
We have not made this decision lightly, and please note that we have absolutely no issues with any of the above manufacturers or suppliers; we are simply trying to sell off stock in order to clear older orders and ease any worries our customers may have regarding the speculation that is currently rife on the internet. As well as that, we believe that our retailing model must now change to selling products that are in stock at the time of purchase, and as such that will continue to be in place in the future, once our orders are cleared and our stock is sold.
I would ask all of our customers to remain as patient as they can with Maelstrom Games and, indeed, our staff, for we will use the money generated by the sale of our stock to ensure all of your orders are fulfilled in their entirety as quickly as possible. We remain committed to servicing our customers first and foremost and will continue to do so in the future.

Al parecer no admiten pedidos de productos que no tengan en el stock, y lo justifican por que de esta manera quieren conseguir el efectivo necesario para saldar pedidos ya hechos que aun no se han entregado.

Pero "lo mejor de todo es que ha aparecido un web, the eye of the storm que es prácticamente igual. Ante esto algunos clientes de Maelstrom se han puesto en contacto con the eye para ver si ellos se hacen responsables de los pedidos a maelstrom, por supuesto han contestado que no.

Todo esto huele muy, pero que muy mal. 

Como nota, la nueva web, the eye, no piene ningún producto GW por ahora.

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